Hand-crafted Wood Plant Holders / Gardening Benches

Sturdy and Decorative

 In 2008 when we started taking crotons to market we grabbed our orchid and bromeliad collection benches from home, and have been using them to display crotons for sale ever since.  Over the years many customers have stopped to admire the benches and wanted to purchase them.  Customers who have gotten them told us they intended to use them inside as well as out.  In greenhouses, under pergolas, on patios, and in showers.

Made of spruce/fir, they’re available in two sizes:

Large is 15-inches wide, 32-inches long and 17-inches high.

Small is 12-inches wide, 25-inches long and 13-inches high.

Can be sold as a nesting set.

The slatted top is constructed of 1x2 pressure-treated furring strips (battens) which are attached to the frame with galvanized nails and water-proof glue. The frame is made of 2x2 pressure-treated rail balusters. The rails are assembled using 2½ inch’ Prime guard screws. The legs are then attached to the top with the same screws.  The benches are heavy-duty and will support 100-150 lbs.

Benches are available with a waterproofing solid color latex deck stain in White, Terra Cotta or Seaside Gray. Also available unfinished.  Left unfinished this wood will turn gray over time if exposed to the weather.

Alternative, or ‘custom sizes’ can be made to order to your specifications and color preference. Please inquire.