Crotons Available for Shipping ~ October, 2019


  Our smaller size plants are grown in one-gallon, or 6-inch containers--about as heavy as we'd dare ship. Over the summer months we set quite a few air layers of rare and unusual Croton cultivars.  Many are listed below, and we will have still more ready to sell between now and the beginning of November. They'll be added to this website as they become available

The air layered one-gallon--plants range in price from $18. to $40., depending on size and cultivar rarity.  The one-gallon/6-inch Crotons (grown from easier to acquire cuttings) are also listed below.  Prices range from $15 to $20. based on size, scarcity and grade. Part of the cost of shipping is factored into the prices.  They sell for about half as much at the seasonal Florida plant sales we attend, and Lectures we give.

We try to ship on Mondays and Tuesdays so plants reach their destination by week's end. Please contact us for current availability, exact pricing, and shipping information/costs. 

The bulk of what we offer at seasonal Florida plant sales, and in our Nursery, and are Crotons grown in 3-gallon/8" and 10" containers. The Events page lists the current Fall Seasonal Plant Sales. These larger (three-gallon) plants average $16. to $24. 

The Events page lists Seasonal Plant Sales. There are several plant sales between October and  the beginning of December, and visitors are always welcome to visit our Vero Beach nursery with advance notice. If there is a Croton cultivar you’d like us to bring for you if we’re participating in a Plant Sale in your area, even if what you’re looking for isn’t included in this listing please contact us for availability about a week in advance. 

The Palmpedia/Tropiscape link below allows you to consult the excellent and comprehensive A-Z Croton Encyclopedia loaded with individual photographs of, and other errata on hundreds of cultivars.

Oct. 2019~1-gallon/6"potted Croton air-layers ready to ship





   Christian's   Landscape  






  Gen. Macarthur 


    Harvest Moon  


Mrs. Snyder's Disraeli (leaf)


  Her Highness 

 Jean Frances Fascell  


King of Siam



   Mrs Snyer's Disraeli




   Philip Geduldig

President Reagan


 Pink Eburneum

   President Reagan

  Red Quill





   W.C. Wallace

      Yellow Banana

     Yellow Petra 

Fred Sanders


Harvest Moon


Franklin Roosevelt


October 2019 Croton varieties from cuttings~ready to Ship

We also ship 6" Hawaiian Ti plants (Cordylines) too! Call about varieties.



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