Mark makes final pre-sale adjustments to Crotons and Ti Plants.

The Fabulous Crotons of Florida ~ by Mark Peters

Mark Peters, owner and propagator at Peters Croton Nursery, Vero Beach is always delighted to accept an invitation to present his informative, entertaining The Fabulous Crotons of Florida to your group. The Lecture--presented with or without PowerPoint--concludes with an air-layering demonstration.  

Have him tell you about early Florida hybridizers and the 'Old World' heirloom varieties. His lecture recounts the story of Crotons through history; how to use them to best advantage in the landscape, and grow them successfully in your garden.  Learn about the astonishingly different leaf forms, as well as Croton Trees and Crotons in containers.

Mark has spent more than 45 years as a professional horticulturist.  He has served in various executive positions at public botanical gardens, including as Director of Horticulture at McKee Botanical Garden, and Associate Vice President for Horticulture, and Living Collections at The New York Botanical Garden.

His knowledge of landscape design, garden history, tropical plants and their culture, combined with his years of professional garden industry experience  make for an excellent background and unusual vantage point.  He has been collecting, propagating and studying Codaieum variegatum for several years and predominantly offers these beautiful and extraordinary plants for sale at Garden Club, and Botanical Garden sponsored Plant Sales.

His passion for plants makes the occasion of these Lectures events not to be missed. Many of his more uncommon, and unusual cultivars, seldom offered to the public and starting at $9. can be offered for sale prior to, or after the Lecture. 

Contact Mark via email, text or phone 772-240-2811 to discuss.

The Captivating Cordylines of South Florida ~ by Mark Peters

Unlike Crotons that came to us from the Spice Island via Europe, Cordylines or Hawaiian Ti plants came from Micronesia to Hawaii with the original settlers. We have put together a fascinating lecture with PowerPoint that outlines the voyage of all-green sacred Ti plants to the evolving colorful hybrid varieties currently being "discovered" and increasingly used successfully in South Florida gardens.  See Hawaiian Ti Photo Gallery Below.

"New Guinea," or "Singapore Twist."

"New Guinea," or "Singapore Twist."