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Blazing Florida Sun & Heat-tolerant Crotons



Petra & Yellow Petra

Red Tortilla


Rooster Tail



Sunny Star

Yellow Banana

Sun Crotons

While this list is by no means complete, nor is it a guarantee of success, if you need a croton that will do well in a West or Southern exposure, with some part of the day shaded, we have found these varieties, which can be found without too much difficulty, more likely to succeed than some other selections:

Despite rampant advice to the contrary, very few crotons have a preference for all-day-long, full-on exposure.  This is especially true during nonstop, relentlessly blazing hot Florida summers.  Not counting cloudy and rainy periods, the majority of crotons prefer some small daily relief from incessant sun, especially during dry spells and drought, if only for a few hours.

Ironically, once the root system is established in the ground many varieties can and will survive adverse conditions including drought, a complete lack of fertilizer or the touch of a gardener’s caring hand.   But their growth is often slow or stunted.

What we have also found to be true is that very few croton varieties other than: Mammie, Petra and their yellow varieties—can be counted upon to withstand the harshness of being planted with little or no relief from full sun beating down on their heads.  

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